S6E6 – March Episode

In our latest episode, learn about how cannabis is blazing a trail for new job opportunities and becoming a major financial player in our economy. Our Need-to-Know segment recognizes Developmental Disabilities Month and highlights Exceptional Minds, another non-profit dedicated to helping young adults on the autism spectrum thrive in media and entertainment. Meanwhile, Voice of Innovation dives deeper into the I-15 Smart Freeway Pilot Project, which is set to bring innovative changes to the I-15/ 215 interchange to help address historic traffic congestion issues in Temecula Valley. The Good-to-Know summarizes all of your local news and event happenings across Riverside County and beyond. Come on a cuisine journey with the Food Corner as the segment heats up with a visit to The Cuban Hut in Temecula, CA. Finally, Corina’s Corner gives us the inside scoop on two local talents who are scheduled to perform at this year’s Digifest.


Impact Story – Impact of the Legal Cannabis Industry

There’s no denying that cannabis is a money-maker for California . State and local taxes generate billions of dollars in revenue, and the industry has opened up new job opportunities across the United States. Universities and Colleges across the US are offering degrees in Cannabis Science and in Riverside County, the University of California, Riverside and Mt. San Jacinto Community College  have classes on cannabis career training. MSJC is also developing a State-approved Cannabis apprenticeship program coming out in Fall, 2024.


Need to Know – March Developmental Disabilities Month

In honor of Developmental Disabilities Month, we highlight Exceptional Minds − a Los Angeles-based non-profit organization dedicated to preparing young adults on the autism spectrum for careers in media and entertainment through various academic and studio workshop programs. Their two-week summer programs are currently open for enrollment. Both JDS Creative Academy and Exceptional Minds will be sharing more information about their programs at the Autism in Entertainment Conference on April 5, 2024 at the Skirball Center in Los Angeles.


Community Roundtable – Women’s History Month

Meet our guests joining us at the Community Round this month:

Rebecca Farnbach is an acclaimed writer and Temecula Valley history expert. Farnbach currently serves as one of the 2024 directors of the Temecula Valley Historical Societye . She is also the co-author of five books in Arcadia’s Images of America series.

Jami McNees is the owner of Thrive Health Insurance Services.

Donna San Miguel is the Executive Director of Community Relations at Cal State University San Marcos.


Good to Know Happenings and Information

Taxpayers can make a tax-deductible donation of one dollar or more to help support the Keep Arts in Schools Fund.

Teens interested in making a difference in their community are invited to join the Riverside County Youth Commission and have their voices heard as members of one of their Youth Advisory Councils.

If you’re interested in tracing back your family tree, the Hemet Family History Center can help you learn more about your heritage and decipher historical records.

Rising like the sun so others can shine is the motto of the Ontario, California-based Time for Change foundation. They aim to assist homeless women and children by providing housing and other necessary resources for self-sufficiency. Those looking to support can attend their 22nd Annual Awards Gala on April 19.


Voice of Innovation – I-15 Smart Freeway

The I-15 in Temecula Valley is notorious for severe traffic congestion. But recent construction along the I-15 between Winchester Road and I-15/ 215 interchange is set to add additional lanes alongside the freeway. Plus, a new first-of-its-kind project for California is implementing smart technology to help alleviate traffic congestion. The I-15 Smart Freeway Project will add sensors along the I-15 corridor to analyze traffic conditions. In addition, the project will make modifications to the Temecula Parkway, Rancho California Road, and Winchester Road onramps to collectively determine how many cars will be allowed to enter the freeway at a given time. The project is expected to result in overall quicker commute times and safer driving experience for commuters.


Food Corner

This month, Spirit of Innovation: Arts Across America takes a visit to the family-owned restaurant, The Cuban Hut , and tastes some of their popular dishes.


Corina’s Corner

You can catch Travis Guilliams and Joanna Pearl performing at Digifest this year, and locally throughout Riverside County.


DigiFest Temecula 2024 is right around the corner! Mark your calendars for April 19, 20, and 21!

Don’t miss a weekend packed with inspiring keynote speakers, networking opportunities, engaging workshops, and talented multi-media entries competing to win a Digi award. Get in on the fun and participate in the People’s Choice voting. Plus, join us for the Awards Celebration, hosted by JDS Studios.

Get your tickets now at digifesttemecula.org.

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