S2E16 Need to Know

Hope is here for Riverside County residents as frontline healthcare workers line up to receive the first 7,000 Pzifer doses, said to be 95 percent effective. To stay updated on news and information regarding the Coronavirus and vaccinations head over to Riverside’s Public Health Departments’ official website.
Answer these questions here based on the Vaccine Allocation Planner tool to find out where you stand in line.
Climate Change in RivCo
Access California’s Fourth Climate Change Assessment’s Regional Report to learn more about the effects of climate change in our region.
Go here for more information about the Greenhouse Emissions Lab studies at UC Riverside.
Explore what the City of Riverside is doing to be a national leader in sustainability.
Christmas Movie Reviews
The JDS Family can’t resist a good Christmas flick! To spread some holiday cheer, JDSCA participants share their favorite films and even meet with the Screenwriter of Help for the Holidays. hallmarkdrama.com/help-for-the-holidays

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