Episode 9: Impact Story – Temecula’s Notable Women of History

We were excited to create this segment about Temecula’s Notable Women of History. Today, you’ll find one of California’s richest Wine and Tourism areas. How did we come to be? Temecula has a long and rich history…here’s a great link with stories and details of those who came before…and the Notable Women of the Temecula Valley Historical Society  help us tell Temecula’s story along with some notable women from Temecula’s present!!

2 thoughts on “Episode 9: Impact Story – Temecula’s Notable Women of History

    • Pat Amling
      July 15, 2019

      Thank you for all you have done to help preserve Temecula history. I am a Knott relative. I am a retired Temecula teacher 1975 – 2003. I lived in Rainbow and Temecula.

      • Admin
        July 30, 2019

        Thank you Pat for watching, and leaving us a lovely comment! You definitely know the history of the area!! Please don’t hesitate to share your knowledge with us!!


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