This article was published in the Valley Business Journal in June 2020

JDS Creative Academy is debuting a new name for their magazine-style news and information show, Spirit Of Innovation. The JDSCA board decided to rebrand the show and swap out the word Spectrum, which incorporated the meaning of “being on the autism spectrum,” with Spirit. JDS Creative Academy feels Spirit represents who they are as a collective group, whereas the word Spectrum, represents only a subset of their SOI Job Training Crew

Spirit, by definition, derives from the Latin word, “breath.” Spirit, like breath, is something that is essential to one’s life. Spirit can have several different interpretations, depending on your background and the context. However, in today’s current world Spirit of Innovation aims to be something everyone can relate to, and be a TV Show that offers knowledge, community, innovation and so much more to engage the human spirit in a positive way.

The magazine-style TV show itself will follow the same flow as previously known. Spirit of Innovation will be bringing you impactful and innovative news segments with influential community leaders to give county and city updates, good-to-know and need-to-know news. Viewers, supporters and followers of Spirit of Innovation can also look forward to social updates that aim to bring you daily news and information via all our social media platforms.

JDS Creative Academy’s job-training program produces a micro version of Spirit Of Innovation called the SOI Update that covers sports, weather, community events, road conditions and is broadcasted LIVE on YouTube and RivCo TV throughout the County. The JDSCA training program is tailored to special needs adults who are differently-abled and want to learn the ins and outs of television production. The training program was founded two years ago and operates out of JDS Studios in Temecula, CA. to provide a creative, safe and collective environment for inclusive career pathway opportunities.

The rebrand is in the attempt to get things spruced up a bit, to highlight the innovative culture and the goodwill “Spirit” that JDS Creative Academy is recognized for. You can expect to see a new set, new graphics, fresh, bright, colors to light up the new logo and many more exciting features that are soon to be unveiled.

“We are all really excited about the show taking on its new name and freshening up its look all while keeping the promise of delivering the need to know and good to know,” said Diane Strand, founder of JDS Creative Academy.

The Spirit of Innovation Crew is working hard, and can’t wait to have guests back on their set. All previous shows and episodes are still available on our new domain The most recently released special COVID 19 episodes are currently airing on Rivco TV and Community Access Channels for both the City of Temecula and the City of Murrieta. JDS Creative Academy job-training crew also puts out the S.W.E.I.T SPOT News update on 102.5 the VIne. To stay up to date with local Riverside County news and information, follow
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