Observations from our Cuisine Connoisseur

Starting as a Milk Tea business, Triple B Cafe has been serving Temecula Valley residents since 2016They recently moved their location across the street from the Promenade off Winchester road and decided to make some changes, adding Taiwanese food to their menu. Checking out the Yelp reviews it was clear we had to check it out.

JDS Creative Academy Participant Sergio Moscoso and the JDS Crew took a field trip to try their tasty treats and get some insight on these rave reviews. By recommendation we ordered their Popcorn Chicken with Curry Rice, Milk Tea, and Thai Tea for the full experience. So, what was the verdict? Tune into our Spirit of Innovation Episode when it airs on December 21st for Sergio’s detailed thoughts. We don’t want to spoil too much but we can say the plate was clean once we were done!