S1E6 – March Episode

Previously Spectrum of Innovation
Watch the sixth episode of Spectrum of Innovation here. Find out all you need to know about Riverside County News

This Month’s Impact Stories

Special Education’s Peer Buddy Event

If you enjoyed learning about the Peer Buddy Program at Chaparral High School and want to get involved with an event near you, visit Best Buddies for more information.

Youth Opportunity Centers

Youth Opportunity Centers’ programs help steer young people to a better life path. Find out more about what they have to offer here.

Hack of the Week

It’s easy to make a chic lampshade, or fun gigantic Easter Eggs from yarn and glue!
It’s easy to make a chic lampshade from yarn and glue!
Supplies: Bowl, white glue, water, cotton yarn, scissors, balloon
Directions: Pour glue into the bowl. For a lamp the size we made, you’ll need about 2 cups. Put the yarn into the glue. Make sure the glue covers all the yarn. Wrap the yarn around the balloon and leave space on the top and bottom.
Let it dry for two days – This is key!!

Need to Know

You can view the safe cities list of  California’s safest cities here  and click here for more information on protecting your home.

Spotlight of the Week

Learn more about how the Temecula Education Foundation supports our schools here , click here  to purchase your tickets to their signature event “Taste of Temecula”.

Voice of Innovation

Cerebral Palsy affects about 17 million people. Learn more about the disorder here

In the Know

Click here for more details on the best experience to visit the “Super Bloom” in Lake Elsinore, and this article has more information about the plants blooming now.
Keep updated on I-15 project road closures here
Find out more about the events we mentioned using these links:

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