S2E3: Spotlight: Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity…do you believe!? There is no shortage of actual accounts of ghostly encounters stories in Riverside County. Here are some links to explore – are you a believer or a skeptic?
You can tour the Winchester Patterson House , go book shopping¬† in RIverside at Downtowne Bookstore or check in to a room in Old Town Temecula at the Palomar Hotel! In Riverside – One of the most haunted hotels is the Mission Inn …check in to see if any spirits appear.
For more about paranormal investigations contact CalParra .
More spookiness: EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) of a child laughing at Riverside’s Downtowne Bookstore Click Here.
More info and EVPs from Craig Owens can be found here
Orbs seen at the Patterson House View Here for more behind the scenes footage visit our website: spiritofinnovation.org/

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